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Tired of digital misfits? We're here, part of the Studios by Apexl crew, turning your online ambitions into realities. Authentic, human, and hassle-free.

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Congratulations you creative genius, you have found the mad scientists willing to do it, click and let’s concoct a masterpiece together. Let’s create an immersive experience that doesn’t just impress, but connect.

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Hit a creative wall? Let Apexl's Immersion Studio be your digital muse. With a sprinkle of AI magic, we'll spark ideas, craft copy, and set you on a thrilling digital journey. Just click, and let's go!

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    Welcome to Apexl Studios, the place where digital craftsmanship meets human connection. We've got two aces up our sleeve to make your brand unforgettable. In our Development Studio, we're all about building a digital presence that's not just sleek but also incredibly user-friendly. On the flip side, our Immersion Studio is where we bring that digital charisma into the tangible world, creating real-life experiences that people can touch, feel, and remember. Our mission is simple: to make your brand's online and offline presence not just successful but effortless. So, if you're tired of juggling between tech headaches and real-world hassles, it's time to make it all, well... easy.

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    Our Philosophy

    We're all about cutting through the digital BS and getting down to what really matters: human connections. So, if you're tired of websites that are as functional as a chocolate teapot or real-world experiences that make watching paint dry seem exciting, you've come to the right place. We're the go-to squad for making your brand not just visible but irresistible. And the best part? We make it easy.

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    Our Team

    Step into our labs and meet our exceptional team of scientists, researchers, and visionaries. With a shared commitment to innovation and a passion for pushing boundaries, they form the dynamic force behind our ground-breaking discoveries.

    Together they fuse expertise and creativity, fuelling our quest for new immersive creations.

    Toby New
    Managing Director

    Matt Beard

    Joe Buxton
    Lead Designer

    Tina Thompson
    Head of Strategy

    Jon Munson
    Head of Delivery & Ops

    Dexter Lawrence
    Project Manager

    Nic Lawrence
    Senior Developer

    Olly Cross
    Senior Developer

    James Dykes
    Front End Developer

    Callum Thompson
    Tester / Quality assurance

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