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Bring your creative vision to life in-store, at festivals and at events.

Our Immersion Studio is our playground. Our specialist teams enjoys bringing things to life that seem impossible for their high complexity and low budget. We have the expertise to work through challenges and make the solution simple.

We take a ‘Plug and Play’ approach to everything we do. From digital products to lightweight pop up displays, our job is to make yours easier. Also – as we are Apexl – of course everything is done with sustainability in mind.


Fabrication Design & Build

We can develop anything you want. Utilising a mixture of expertise and specialist equipment like 3D printers, we can fabricate unique pieces from any material (including metal, timber or plastics) and carry out high format printing.

Hardware Sourcing & Rental

We have some of the best contacts in the industry to source the right hardware to develop your experience. We use rapid prototyping to make the solution work exactly how you need it in the time you need it. We keep it simple and on budget. If there is a lower cost option available we will find it and suggest it for your project.

Augmented Gamification

Bring images off the page, create interactive environments with no eco worries, help people remember your brand with a gamified, unforgettable, competition experience. Ask us about the possibilities of what AR can do for your brand. Nothing is impossible. Our AR team loves to experiment with the latest technologies to make a customer experience memorable.

Digital Production & Products

We have an amazing range of technical production capabilities and have worked on everything from interactive displays to NFT vending machines. We are also always working on the next big digital idea. If you need a plug-and-play product to slot into an experience we have lots of ideas to deliver quickly and effortlessly.

NFT/Blockchain Development

We understand the possibilities of the Metaverse and how to create blockchain campaigns that are widely adopted by target audiences. From NFT takeaways to token marketing we can take care of the process from the minting to setting up the APIs to delivering your blockchain asset to your potential customers.

App Development

Our Development Studio team joins us when we need them to cross-pollinate their amazing expertise with the experience of our Immersive Studio teams to develop engaging apps that seamlessly integrate with physical builds. Our developers and designers have worked on everything from product selector apps to gamified quizzes to educate shoppers.

Some Of The Businesses We Have Helped Over The Years

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Apexl have always been super helpful with providing advice and solutions to our clients. We have presented Apexl Studios with a few interesting challenges from some of our most demanding clients, but they have always approached matters professionally, and often turned work around in very tight time frames. It’s been a pleasure to work with Apexl Studios and long may the relationship continue.

Anji Whittamore

Senior Project Manager at Dentons Digital

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