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Fresh Factory

The Challenge:

Mitchum wanted to make a splash at the UK's hottest festivals, but how do you turn a deodorant into the life of the party? Enter Immersion Studio, the tech maestros who know how to make every moment a hit on social media.

The Strategy:

Mitchum's mission was "Live the Moment," and our job was to make sure those moments were captured, remembered, and shared. We aimed to turn the festival experience into a social media sensation with our 'Reel Memories' technology.

The Activation:

While Mitchum took care of keeping festival-goers fresh, we focused on making them famous. Our 'Reel Memories' tech captured every splash in the Shower Zone, every chill in the Ice Zone, and every strut in the Clear Zone. Then we stitched it all together into one killer Instagram Reel.

The Impact:

3,569 Refresh Reels downloaded and shared

The Tech Behind the Magic:

We deployed our 'Reel Memories' technology to make this all happen. And guess what? We can do the same for you, turning your event into a social media sensation.

Ready for Your Close-Up?

Our 'Reel Memories' tech is available for your next event. If you're looking to make some social media magic, let's get the cameras rolling. We had a blast with Mitchum, and we're ready to make your event the next big thing.

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