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Heineken Silver

Ready for a tale of tech and hops?

The Challenge:

Heineken had a fresh brew, Heineken Silver, and they wanted to make it the talk of Tesco. But how do you make a beer more than just a beer? You dial up Immersion Studio, the tech wizards who know how to make a button press an event.

The Strategy:

Heineken's mission was simple: "Activate the Refresh." Our job? To make sure that star-shaped button did more than just pour a pint. We aimed to turn a simple sip into a holographic extravaganza. Imagine a Tesco aisle turning into a mini sci-fi movie set.

The Activation:

While Heineken and our agency pals took care of the liquid courage, we handled the eye candy. Hit that button, and you're not just quenching your thirst; you're stepping into a holographic daydream. Thanks to our Interactive Hologram technology, grocery shopping just got a lot more exciting.

The Impact:

- 30 Tesco stores jazzed up
- 3,400+ customers wowed
- 76% of those folks planned to buy Heineken Silver afterward

The Tech Behind the Magic:

We deployed our Interactive Hologram technology to make this all happen. And guess what? We can do the same for you, turning your brand into the star of any retail stage.

Ready for Your Encore?

Our Interactive Hologram tech is up for grabs. If you're looking to make your brand the next big sensation, let's make it happen. We've got the tech, the creativity, and the audacity to make your brand the talk of the Tesco —or any supermarket, for that matter.

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