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Fox & Ivy Virtual Stylist

The Challenge:

How do you make Tesco's homeware brand, Fox & Ivy, the star of the show when it's usually tucked away in the homeware aisles? Simple. You bring in the Immersion Studio and our tech wizardry.

The Strategy:

Meet Dawn, the queen of Fox & Ivy shopping. She's a Gen Xer who loves pinning home decor ideas between sips of her chai latte. Our mission? To give Dawn and her pals "Accessible and Aspirational Interior Design Ideas to Elevate the Home." We're talking inspiration, personalisation, and a dash of social proof.

The Activation:

Enter the Virtual Stylist app and Fox & Ivy's mini-home environments. Imagine walking into Tesco and stumbling upon a Pinterest board that's come to life. That's what we did.

Our Virtual Stylist app, powered by our 'Virtual Shopper' technology, took shoppers on a quiz-fueled journey to discover their home decor style. The app then dished out five personalized Fox & Ivy product recommendations. Shoppers could print these out, and brand ambassadors would retrieve them for some love-at-first-sight action.

The Impact:

- 83% of printed lists converted to sales
- 87% of purchases were new to the brand
- 47.8k uses of the Stylist app over 130 activity days
- 4% incremental category growth post-event

The Immersion Studio's 'Return on Inspiration':

We're not just about flashy tech; we're about results. Our 'Virtual Shopper' technology made sure shoppers didn't just browse; they bought. And they bought stuff they loved.

Ready to Elevate Your Brand?

Our 'Virtual Shopper' technology isn't exclusive to Fox & Ivy. It's here for any brand that wants to guide their shoppers to personalised choices. Reach out and let's turn those browsers into buyers!

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