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Designing your website for success

For many businesses, their first year is a struggle. 90% of new ideas fail in the UK, and there are several reasons why – from procrastination to lack of insight into what makes them tick, but successful entrepreneurs know how important it is for brand image and sales figures to execute ideas properly.

The lightbulb moment is the easiest part of any business idea, entrepreneurs who are successful are the ones that execute that idea with proper structure or research. If you have a great idea and want to create an attention grabbing website for your business or you think you are missing the magic formula to make your online business successful, read on

The Concept:

Growth Driven Design is a process to ensure we consider your business’s bottom line from the blueprint to the screen. No matter whether you are already trading or a new start up we will utilise rapid prototyping to get back to basics, creating a Launch Pad website, or implementing the recommended changes. 

A Launch Pad website is your minimum viable product to test your market, and crucially understand if your concept is commercially feasible before putting lots of time and money into an idea.

Why do I need Growth Driven Design and how will it make me successful?

Mostly, Growth Driven Design is a clarification process, like a vision board for your business that needs the flexibility to chop and change to suit your current market. If you want to try Growth Driven Design when designing your website, consider the following questions:

Question 1: What are your goals for the website, and what will you do to achieve them?

Not just sales, ‘Think funnel’ – the journey your potential customer takes to get through to a sale, e.g. collect more email addresses by adding an email pop-up. 

Question 2: Who is your customer and can you spot an Early Adopter?

The first step is to identify your niche customers – those who will buy from you no matter what. These people have a higher priority than all their other needs, so they’re called ” Early Adopters”. After finding your Early Adopters, it’s time to consider how well-understood each customer group reacts on paper (or screen). 

You may discover that not only do some groups share more commonalities but also find themselves lumped together under one label because really nobody knows exactly why certain customers act in a certain way. Using Growth Driven Design will help you to understand your customers shopping habits.

Question 3: Do you have any assumptions about your business?

A saying goes like this: “In uncertain times, be cautious with your time.” In other words – don’t waste valuable resources until you know how much people want what you’re making or selling. This rings especially true when developing new products or features where demand could go either way. To protect against wasting tons of precious cash on unsellable items (and thus missing out on opportunities after launch), challenge all your assumptions and ask questions to get true insights to know how to develop your business.

Question 4: Do you know how your customers travel throughout your website?

If you have a website, there are excellent free tools such as Google Analytics that can show how your customer travels, what pages they go to and how they get there. If you are creating a website, think about what your shopper wants to know before they give you their hard-earned cash. 

On average, even for something as cheap as cake mix, shoppers look at 30 touchpoints before they buy. Shoppers today are avid, proactive information learners. Are you giving them everything they need so they don’t disappear to other sources to get that information? Keep customers engaged by anticipating their needs or wants.

Question 5: Are you continuously investing in making the experience better?

If you’re not, then you should be. You need to optimise the experience to make it engaging and increase your sales. Optimising should be an ongoing process of testing, learning, and tweaking. 


Tips for creating a successful website

Tip 1

Plan your optimisation workload: To avoid overload when optimising, have a box system for tasks or jobs to be done. Create 3 boxes and don’t have more than 2 jobs in each box. For example – box 1: to be done now – box 2: to be done next – box 3: to be done later. When you’ve completed a task from the done now box, you can re-prioritise and add another idea to be done later box. Use a box system for testing new features and assumptions.

Tip 2

Prioritise based on the bottom line: I am sure you know or have experienced the phenomenon of more time – somehow, more tasks appear as your working. Always think, “is this crucial to my business’s survival.” Prioritise your current customers’ needs first.

Tip 3

Think physical store: If you are selling anything on your website or even just collecting leads – how would you do this if it was a physical store? Think about the questions you would ask your customers if they came into a physical store. The same principles apply to selling online – Have an imaginary in-person conversation with your customers..

Tip 4

See it through a shopper lens: Come out of the business owner role and become your shopper; think, ‘if I was going to buy from this website, what do I want?’. If your company is already established, the ideal strategy for increasing revenue is to ask for feedback – Ask your current customers why they bought from you.


About our Development Studios

Do you want some help creating a website or optimising the current one? Our Development Studios deliver Web Design Services and digital experiences for your business that work!

We provide end-to-end services that take the stress out of digital and deliver impactful online experiences. Our teams are digital experts in their fields who cultivate ideas with our clients to develop innovative bespoke solutions that work. 

If you want to chat about a new or current website, please get in touch on the form below.. We will be delighted to bring your ideas to life and help you achieve growth with your business.


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