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How to Produce a Sustainable Event

Putting an event together is difficult, but it can seem impossible when you factor in sustainability. How do you reduce your carbon footprint? What are the sustainable event products available? And importantly, how do you make sure your sustainable event doesn’t sacrifice quality or impact?

At Immersion Studios, we’re all about creating beautiful, sustainable events that wow guests and clients. We believe being eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean compromising style or substance – in fact, we think being green should be celebrated.

Here’s a little about our journey to becoming the UK’s leading sustainable event production company…


The Concept

We focused on providing high-quality, bespoke event production services from the beginning. We quickly realised that there was a growing demand for sustainable solutions that didn’t sacrifice style or quality. So, we set out to fill the gap in this market.

The Journey

It hasn’t been an easy road, but we’re proud to say that we’ve come a long way since those early days. We’ve invested time and money in research and development, and we now offer a range of sustainable event products and services that are unrivalled in terms of quality and impact.

The Result

Our efforts have paid off, and we’re now the go-to choice for eco-conscious brands who want to put on spectacular events that make a positive difference. We’ve worked with incredible clients, including Cotswold Outdoor, Tesco and Boots the Chemist.


Content List

    • We start with reusable aluminium frames for events and stands to keep waste and our carbon footprint (and cost) down. Using materials like aluminium to build our structures makes the project economical to transport and convenient to set up. You can reduce fuel use and makes storage and handling easier.

      Sustainable Event Production Ideas for Eco-Friendly Brands

      We’ve told you the why. Here is the practical bit – how we make events sustainable.

      Everything we do, from our overall strategy to the smallest details, is centred on sustainability. Here are a few of our best recommendations for organising a sustainable event:

      Use reusable or recyclable materials wherever possible

      We’re always on a quest to reduce waste, and one of the most efficient ways to do this is to use reusable or recyclable materials. The waste reduction element might mean using fabric banners instead of paper or opting for bamboo cutlery rather than plastic.

      Recycle event materials

      Wherever possible, we recycle event materials. This includes everything from cardboard boxes and paper to construction waste and furniture. We also work with several local charities that reuse or upcycle event materials.

      Reduce event waste

      There’s no getting away from it; events produce a lot of waste. But there are ways to minimise this, such as using digital invitations, reusable and interchangeable name badges, and inventing interesting and ecological ways to serve food and drink.

      Rent or recover materials

      Another excellent way to reduce waste is to rent props, products, furniture, and materials instead of buying them. Renting instead of buying not only saves money but also means that you can return or recycle the items after the event.

      Reuse hardware and materials

      Whenever possible, we reuse hardware and materials from previous events. This includes everything from lighting and sound equipment to furniture and props.

      Wherever possible, we try to avoid landfill, everything has a second life, and if the hardware or material can’t be recycled, we don’t use it.

    • How can events be more sustainable?

      We’ve touched on some ideas but let’s dig into the detail. The following is always a consideration when we think about sustainability:

      • Build materials – can they be recycled or reused?

      • Weight of materials – using lighter-weight products will reduce emissions from transportation.

      • Digital over paper – ditching printouts will save on resources used in the production process and waste produced at the event.

      • Renting vs. buying – renting items means they don’t become waste at the end of the event, and it’s often cheaper than buying off-the-shelf products.

      • Supplier sustainability – making sure your suppliers are thinking about the waste from your project and ensuring they have the best procedures in place for ecological disposal.

      The bottom line is that sustainable event production is possible and doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

      What is our Immersion Studio doing to make events more sustainable?

    • All components we use are recyclable – right down to painted or printed graphic elements. For example, we print directly to wood or Correx instead of vinyl whenever possible.

    • We reduce waste. We use machine cutting (where applicable) and reuse, rehome or recycle all waste by-products.

    • We make the most of the growing product rental sector by renting props, products, furniture, and materials instead of buying them. Our extensive list of contacts in this field means we can put sustainability into action immediately, saving money by returning or recycling the items after the event.


    Benefits of sustainable event production

    Sustainable event production has many benefits for the environment and your business. Green event production can help you to:

    • Attract conscious consumers and clients.
    • Work with eco-friendly suppliers that demonstrate your sustainability values.
    • Think innovatively about sustainable products, which can help cut costs and time.
    • Keep ethics and values at your event’s forefront, which helps show your green credentials—no greenwashing whatsoever.

    In other words, sustainable event production is good for business. It shows that you care about more than just making a profit. You care about the planet and its future. And that’s a message that resonates with consumers and clients – more than that, sustainability in action is the only way you can future-proof your business.

    Our Sustainability Pledge

    We promise to:

    • Reduce, reuse, recycle and rehome all production waste.
    • Responsibly source recycled or reused materials.
    • Start local with our supply chain to cut down carbon emissions.
    • Work with renewable energy suppliers and EV haulage where possible.
    • Investigate and offer more sustainable solutions first.


    About The Immersion Studio

    Our Immersion Studios brings your creative vision to life at festivals, happenings, and in-store events. Our specialist and eco-conscious teams enjoy getting something seemingly impossible for the complexity and budget.

    We make your events easier by taking the ‘plug-and-play’ approach (with sustainability always in mind). Our team will deliver and manage the entire process, from the initial concept to on-site event management and breakdown.

    We spend time ensuring that we are sustainable, adopting the most up-to-date practices to lessen our impact on the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a positive change.

    We are aware that every client and every event is unique. For this reason, we provide a personalised service that is suited to your needs. We think it’s possible to produce events sustainably, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

    If you want to chat about a project or an upcoming event please contact us on the form below. We will be delighted to bring your ideas to life sustainably.

    Toby – Immersion Studios Lead Manager and Owner

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